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How to Write a Report

Excellent instructions on how to use MSWord 7 to create a professional-appearing report - http://www.scribd.com/doc/25497794/Writing-Professional-Reports-and-Documents-MakeUseOf-com


Project Support

Sometimes all the aspects of a project can become overwhelming, with various documents, at various stages, in various inboxes and on various computers. Here is an online organizer that can keep everyone on track:

Check out the tour. Make sure you scroll down and watch the videos to get a sense of how your company could use this software:


Building a Company Knowledge Base

To learn more about how companies can benefit from using the Web, I recommend you read

This site is a wiki, created on the PBwiki Platform; Wikipedia is, of course, a wiki; and there are a variety of wiki platforms available to business, some  free, some with a variety of price ranges for a variety of services. Wikis can have open authorship or authorship limited to selected individuals, they can have open readership or be private to selected readers or be protected behind a company firewall.


Facilitating Distributed Workers

At more and more business have workers working in home offices and/or at a distance from each other, the technology becomes increasingly important.


The Read/Write blog gives their recommendations -


Here is their commentary on keeping distant/distributed workers in touch

Read it to understand the rationales behind the recommendations.





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