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This wiki is still in process. More, much more, will be added!


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Researching Using the Web 


Researching using the Web is much more than just using Google, which is the second site to go to.



The first place to look for information is Wikipedia, whose accuracy rivals other online encyclopaedias.


If you're looking for information about different countries, you might want to try The World Factbook even though, or maybe because, it's courtesy of the CIA of the USA.



Beyond those starting places, there are Web Research techniques to learn, for example, tagging.



Tagging and Folksonomies

If you want more information on tagging than you get from my post, read Ellyssa Kroski's brilliant post on tagging, or try Wikipedia on \"Tags\".


Tagging helps people find the images they want on image sites like Flickr, or the information they want from blogs, or where they've filed URLs they have collected in social bookmarking sites like Furl or del.icio.us


Want to know about social bookmarking and del.icio.us? Check out the really short video below, from commoncraft


More Web Research Information



My del.icio.us Tags




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